Main Products


Iron Ore Pelletizing Plant

Iron Ore Pelletizing Plant
  • • Kiln Girth Gear
  • • Gear Reducer for Kiln
  • Kiln Carrying Roller• Kiln Carrying Roller
  • Bearing Bushing for Kiln Carrying Roller• Bearing Bushing
      for Kiln Carrying Roller
  • Grate Plate for Clinker Cooler• Grate Plate
      for Clinker Cooler
  • Chain for Traveling Grate• Chain for
      Traveling Grate(1)
  • Chain for Traveling Grate• Chain for
      Traveling Grate(2)
  • Side Plate for Traveling Grate• Side Plate for
      Traveling Grate
  • Head Shaft for Traveling Grate• Head Shaft for
      Traveling Grate
  • Head Shaft for Traveling Grate• Support Roller Shaft for
      Traveling Grate
  • Sprocket(Large)• Sprocket(Large)
  • Pallet for Annular Cooler• Pallet for Annular Cooler
  • Grizzly Bar for Annular Cooler• Grizzly Bar for Annular Cooler
  • Thrust Roller for Annular Cooler•Thrust Roller for Annular Cooler
  • • Refractory for Annular Cooler
  • • Grizzly for Annular Cooler
  • • Cap Casting for Annular Cooler
  • ;Pallet Arm for Annular Cooler• Pallet Arm for Annular Cooler
  • • Conveyor Belt

Direct Reduced Iron Plant

Direct Reduced Iron Plant
  • Gas Blower• Gas Blower
  • Gas Blower• Gas Blower Rotor
    • Gas Blower• Recuperator
    • Gas Blower• Recuperator
    • Gas Compressor• Gas Compressor
    • Gas Compressor• Inert Gas Compressor
    • Shaft for Burden Feeder• Shaft for Burden Feeder
    • Hot Gas Gate Valve• Hot Gas Gate Valve
    • Briquetter Segment• Briquetter Segment
    • • Furnace Feed Conveyor Belt
    • • Reformer Tube
    • Vibrating Screen• Vibrating Screen

Converter, Electric Arc Furnace, Continuous Casting Plant

Converter, Electric Arc Furnace, Continuous Casting Plant
  • • Water Cooled Roof Panels for EAF
  • Ladle• Ladle
  • Bearing for Ladle Turret• Bearing for Ladle Turret
  • Bearing for Ladle Turret• Ladle for Emergency Use
  • Flat Freight Car• Flat Freight Car
  • Flat Freight Car• CC Tundish
  • • Mould Plates for Slab Casting
  • • Mould Tube for Billet Casting
  • • Cutting Blade
  • Pipes for Oxygen Lancing• Pipes for Oxygen Lancing
  • Wire Drum for Crane• Wire Drum for Crane
  • • Mould Powder
  • • Slag Pot• Slag Pot
  • Bearing Bushing for Kiln Carrying Roller• Slag Dump Car
    • • Scrap Bucket• Scrap Bucket
    • Ladle• Ladle

Rolling Mill

  • DC Motor for Rolling Mill(Removing the old DC Motor)

    • DC Motor for Rolling Mill
  • Gear Reducer for Rolling Mill(Setting the new AC Motor)
  • Gear Reducer for Rolling MillFor Reel(Being Renewed)
    For Mill(Renewed)/
    For Reel(Being Renewed)
  • Gear Reducer for Rolling Mill(The new 3,600kW AC Motor under commissioning)

    • AC Motor for Rolling Mill
  • 1,500kVA Transformer(For Reel Motor Drive
    IGBT Panel)

    • 1,500kVA Transformer
  • IGBT Panel Training• IGBT Panel Training
  • • Gear Reducer for Rolling Mill
  • • Forged Roll for Rolling Mill
  • Screw Up/Down Device• Cast Roll for Rolling Mill
  • Special High Speed Steel Roll• Special High Speed Steel Roll
  • WC RollWC Roll• WC Roll
  • WC RollWC Roll• Ring Roll
  • • Screw Up/Down Device
  • • Guides
  • • Mill Stand
  • • Housing
  • Roll Chock• Roll Chock
  • Rake for Cooling Bed• Rake for Cooling Bed
  • Radiant Tube• Radiant Tube
  • • Roll Neck Bearing