Procurement Service

KOBELCO Professional Service meets the needs of Customers in a wide range of fields from supply of spare parts, consumables, diagnostic of existing facilities, consultancy on the introduction of new equipment, engineering, equipment procurement, dispatch of Supervisors/Experts, construction/erection, commissioning and operational guidance.

Having been in business for over 20 years, KPSC has a registration of more than 1000 Manufacturers/Suppliers from across the world for items from a bolt to leading equipment components and from devices to a set of equipment used in a wide range of industrial plants.

Procurement Services

An important point to improvement of plant utilization rate is the rapid supply of spare parts; high quality and short delivery time of spare parts will contribute to the minimization of plant downtime.

For equipment supplied by Kobe Steel and/or other Contractors, KPSC provides replacement equipment and original spare parts to match the needs of Customers. For facilities and equipment supplied by others, KPSC also provides optimal spares and/or replacement equipment upon re-engineering.

Benefits to Customers:

  1. High quality spares making a perfect fit to equipment parts.
  2. Offer of long life products
  3. Support to maintenance of spare parts records.